Low-carb coconut butter bites

Low-carb coconut butter bites

There is nothing better than a simple recipe, with very few ingredients that tastes amazing AND is incredibly low-carb! Well, this recipe is just that! A few weeks ago I shared it on my social media account. The response was incredible with thousands of views and hundreds of pictures flooding in from people trying it for themselves.

Before I went low-carb I spent so many years eating what I assumed / was told was healthy. The low-fat breakfast cereal bars, the low-fat chocolate mousse, the low-calorie crackers and snacks, the “diabetic chocolate” (warning: don’t go near it!). All of which left me either injecting huge amounts of insulin and still running high or running to the loo (diabetic chocolate has a laxative effect if not consumed in very small bits). So, having something in the fridge or on the kitchen side that I can enjoy when I feel like it and know that I don’t need any insulin* makes my life much easier. As a Mummy of a little one too, I am very aware of how much rubbish there is out there, packaged up in brightly coloured wrappers, usually with “organic” emblazoned all over it. Organic does not mean much when it comes to a packet of crisps, biscuits with all the added seed oils, palm oil, salt, sugar, natural flavourings (eye roll).

However I do appreciate that convenience (and bribery) does win, and there should, of course, be no shame in that. It’s just realising how often it is happening and whether some homemade cake / crisp breads / meat bitesmuffins made in preparation on a Sunday evening could be more blood sugar and health friendly. However, it is important to know what we are putting in our children’s bodies, especially whilst they are so young and in our care and I know that at some point, Florence will try sweets for the first time, or be given some sugar filled junk. But, until then, I will try and educate her and give her as much goodness as I can.

If you would like more snack ideas for the whole family, all in one place then my low-carb cookbook  has plenty of savoury and sweet options.

These low-carb coconut butter bites have a similar consistency, beautiful snap and bite to chocolate. They have a natural sweetness and less than 1g carbs per piece. Look out for desiccated coconut (dried coconut, or coconut flakes), that don’t have any added ingredients. I like this brand.

I use a very high-powered blender – one I bought recently from Lidl (called a Silver Crest Nutrition Mixer). It is brilliant. Very similar to the Nutribullet, incredibly robust and makes nut butter in less than one minute. It was £29.99. Here is a good, more affordable alternative to the highly expensive other options, if you are on the lookout for one and don’t have a Lidl nearby.

When making them, I pour the mix in to a silicone loaf dish to set, but you could pour in to button shapes (great for kids) on some grease proof paper, or in to cupcake moulds.

If you would like some alternative flavour options then here are some of my favourites:

*peppermint cream. Add 1/2 tsp peppermint oil in place of the vanilla.

*dark chocolate bounty. Melt 50g 90% + chocolate in a bowl and pour on top of the coconut mix once it has set. Or dip them in, or drizzle on top! So many options.

*cookies and cream. Add cacao nibs to the wet mixture and let it set.

Coconut white chocolate
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
The most simple recipe, perfect for those following a low-carb lifestyle.
Recipe type: low-carb
Cuisine: sweet treat
Serves: 15 pieces
  • 200g desiccated coconut
  • 1tsp vanilla essence
  • ½tbsp coconut oil
  1. Place the desiccated coconut in to a high powered blender (I use the Lidl's own version of a nutribullet).
  2. Blend until the desiccated coconut has gone from dry flakes to a thick butter and then a thin, pourable butter. You may need to scrape the sides a couple of times. It might take a few minutes- but if you have a high powered blender it should take less than 1 minute. If your blender is struggling add the coconut oil early and continue to blend until it goes to butter.
  3. Add the vanilla and coconut oil. Pulse 2 / 3 times until combined. (If you want to replace the vanilla with peppermint oil or something else do so now)
  4. Pop in silicone mould.
  5. Chill in the fridge for 2 hrs
  6. Enjoy!
Nutrition Information
Carbohydrates: 1



*note: me, not you, if you are Type one diabetic you will need to carb count and work out any insulin requirements for yourself and monitor your glucose levels.

This blog post contains affiliate links, but has not been sponsored. All views are my own and all recommendations are my own. 


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