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Hello and welcome to The Low Carb Baking Bible. This low carb baking ebook is filled with 24 delicious baked recipes that are low in carbs. Written by me, a type one diabetic, for those living with diabetes.

Included in the ebook is information on baking, living a low carb lifestyle, sweeteners vs sugar, ingredients, a baking section on using gluten and yeast and then all the recipes too.

Filled with photos of my girls, the two who live this lifestyle with me. For years type one diabetes was such an uphill struggle. Trying to follower the guidelines by eating a higher carb diet being on a permanent blood sugar rollercoaster that left me very unwell as the years went by.

This is a book not of struggle but of celebration and triumph. It is for anyone who wants to find an easier way to keep their blood sugars balanced. Written by me, someone who lives 24/7, 365 with type one diabetes, so the very best guinea pig for knowing how food affects blood sugar. For those living with diabetes, PCOS, insulin resistance, their friends, families, this book will hopeful unite and make gatherings less of a food challenge.

Recipes include: chocolate chip cookies, baked vanilla cheesecake, double chocolate muffins, sausage rolls, white bread rolls, cinnamon buns, cheese straws, tortilla chips and many many more.

For those who purchase there will also be access (in the book) to a private Facebook group so that everyone purchasing can share tips on their baking experiences from around the world, places to source ingredients, things you changed….

Is this book suitable for coeliacs? The book contains 4 gluten based recipes. The other 20 are totally gluten and also grain free.

Is there nutritional information included? Yes! There is calories, fat, carbs and protein and they are broken down into serving size, or for things like the cheese straws, muffins, bread they are per slice / per item etc.

What are your measurements in? Grams, ml and tablespoons / teaspoons. I have also included an oven conversion chart.

Does it contain nuts? Most of the recipes in the book can be made nut free and there are suggested alternatives.

Is the book egg free? No. Eggs appear in most of the recipes and I haven’t been able to try egg replacements. If you are happy to use a replacement and confident then you could always give it a go.

How long is the book? 128 pages.

Once purchased, there will be an automatic download link (please open and SAVE THE LINK). You will also receive the download link via email. If you do not, check junk files. If you haven’t received within 30 mins of purchase message me and I will get it sent again ([email protected]).

You can then open it and save it to your phone or computer. The link is for life. It is unique for you and you only. 

Lastly, please do review if you enjoy it, or share about it on social media. Let others know all about it! I would be so grateful.

Thank you.



This is a single purchase which has been copyrighted. Please do not forward on, copy any of the material or use any of the photos without contacting me and getting authorisation.



10 reviews for The Low Carb Baking Bible E-book

  1. Caroline (verified owner)

    This book is absolutely fantastic. Every recipe I’ve tried has been an amazing success. The cinnamon buns, in particular, completely blew my mind – as good as, if not better than, a regular “carby” version. These recipes are life changing for type 1 diabetics like me. It is hard to explain to non diabetics what having these recipes mean – a chance to be able to enjoy treats without the stress of skyrocketing blood sugars. Looking forward to baking the remaining recipes that I’ve not tried yet! Thank you so much Mrs P for creating this masterpiece!

  2. Diane Frankland

    Lots of great recipes along with clear easy to follow methods

  3. Jane vinall (verified owner)

    I love this book! So many lovely recipes that are also very easy to make! I’ve followed Emma for a while on social media but having a printed out “book” is just so easy to complement the social media content. I love the cookies and now make them most weeks to take to work for my snacks which are far better for my sugar levels than a shop bought cereal bar! I’m slowly working my way through all the recipes and especially loved the celebration cake!

  4. Ingrid Johnson (verified owner)

    So thankful for this book of recipes – has made navigating diabetes control in pregnancy that much easier. I eat the rolls for lunch everyday, and friends and family have all really enjoyed the cake and cheesecake as showstopper desserts, amongst other regular favourites.
    These recipes far surpass any keto recipes you’ll find online – that often have an artificial aftertaste.

  5. Ruth (verified owner)

    The sausage rolls are lovely ! So good for lunch boxes

  6. Michelle Priestley (verified owner)

    Brilliant book, lots of lovely, tasty recipes

  7. Kate Scott

    The Low Carb Baking Bible is packed with tasty recipes that have meant I can keep my blood sugars stable while enjoying delicious food at the same time. I have made the sausage rolls, chocolate brownies, chocolate muffins and bread so far. All have turned out well and my kids enjoy them too – I make the chocolate brownies in particular practically weekly – they are incredible! I like that the recipes are pretty simple too. Emma’s Christmas e-book has also been a fantastic resource for me with the trifle an absolute triumph.

  8. Grace D

    Hi Emma,
    Just wanted to leave a review for The Low Carb Baking Bible.

    I was diagnosed with Prediabetes after a severe Covid infection. My GP advised a low carb diet but I wasn’t sure where to start! I am a really keen cook and baker so the discovery of your recipes was a game changer! Proper cooking and baking that tasted great and didn’t raise my blood sugars . My favourite recipe has to be the white bread rolls. Actually tastes like bread and feels like bread!
    I have also learnt so much about diabetes too through your own experience. My last Hba1c was lovely and low 😊
    Thank you
    Grace x

  9. Richard Jones (verified owner)

    This publication is genuinely a game changer. I have followed Mrs P for years and was delighted when The Baking Bible was released. Every recipe has been a sure fire hit with my family and as a fellow T1 my blood sugars have never been so stable!

  10. Christina Sanne (verified owner)

    This book is brilliant, I’ve been using it for two months now. All the recipes work and the results are delicious. It’s easy to use and straight forward.
    I make the Brown Bread every week and now I can take a sandwich to work.
    I’ve been type 1 for 37 years now and these recipes help me so much.

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