28-29 Week Pregnancy Update

28-29 Week Pregnancy Update

Firstly, sorry for the recent lack of activity on my blog. As you have probably seen on Instagram / Twitter, we have been in Majorca for one of my best friend’s wedding, which I was a bridesmaid at! The run up to leaving the country was pretty chaotic and it was a little touch and go at one stage as to whether I would be granted a “fit to fly” note as my blood pressure went a little high. However, luckily it all worked out in the end, my blood pressure went back to normal and the airline (typically) didn’t even ask to see the note!

The whole “travelling experience” at 28 weeks pregnant was not fun and certainly not something I would rush to do again. I’m sure it didn’t help that we had a 3 hr delay, followed by an 1 hr wait on the tarmac and then a 2 hr wait for a rental car on the other side! We also got told by British Airways once at the airport (and even though we’d booked our flights in August 2015) that we were on standby due to an over booked flight and that there was no guarantee we’d be travelling! Not what any pregnant lady wants to hear and to be completely honest the staff were useless and very unhelpful only telling us, without apology, once we had got to the gate that yes, we would be allowed on the plane!

Over the course of the 6 days we were away I definitely noticed some new symptoms that I hadn’t experienced before, which I am certain were from standing for too long. I had really swollen ankles on a couple of days and really sharp pains all around my bump which were really disconcerting (due to gravity pulling it down). I also suffered from extreme tiredness and  a feeling of complete overwhelming exhaustion.

I certainly will not be travelling anywhere else now that we’re back until the baby’s here. It seems to be very on trend at the moment for people to head off on these baby moon holidays, but with Type One Diabetes and rather a lot of pregnancy anxiety, there’s always that feeling of “what if” and I just feel safer knowing that I’m only a drive away from hospital and the professionals I’ve really got to know and trust.

28 weeks pregnant

Weight: 6 lbs over pre-pregnancy weight. I feel like 100% of the weight is in my arms, they are so chunky now! I am still wearing a lot of my pre-pregancy shoes and clothes (the stretchy ones at least!!) and I am still managing to wear my engagement ring but not my wedding ring.

diabetic pregnancy

Bump: I’m so happy with my bump and I honestly have never felt more body confident than I do now. I am proud for the first time in my whole life of my figure and it’s certainly all down to being pregnant. The bump has grown so beautifully and I finally feel comfortable in my skin, something I have never felt before. The bump itself is very high, round and solid. I can see my feet still, but can certainly not see my bikini line- which I can tell you was a very interesting experience pre holiday with a shaver and a mirror! I have had mixed reactions from people, some people think I’m a lot less along then I am and then I have others say I look ready to pop! But as I’ve said before, everyone carries their baby bumps differently and so long as we’re both healthy, does it really matter?!

29 weeks pregnant

29 weeks pregnant

Gender: A lot of you have asked over social media whether we know the gender. We do. I took P for a surprise gender reveal scan at 17 weeks for his birthday and it was one of the most magical days and moments so far. We had decided that we were going to find out at the 20 week scan any way as the first trimester had been so hard emotionally and physically (blog here) that we both felt it would be a real treat to know. As side from a few people, we are probably going to keep it quiet as I’d love it to be a surprise for you  guys too! Feel free to guess though!

Symptoms / feelings: I feel so lucky as I really don’t have many symptoms, not compared to so many other pregnant ladies I’ve talked to. I am feeling much more positive about everything and I can’t tell you how excited I am to meet this little thing. I feel so in love and protective of him / her already and just cannot wait of feel their tiny fingers around mine.

Before I headed to Majorca I was getting daily headaches, I had literally had one headache for 3 weeks that would just not go. I was starting to take paracetamol on a way too regular basis (the only drug you’re allowed!) and my mind was worrying about what else it could be. I was certain it was tension headaches as I was getting pains in my head but also down the back of my neck and around my jaw line too. It was all-consuming but they actually went a couple of days before we flew and since then (touch wood) I haven’t had one.

Back pain. Lots of back pain- which is always on the right hand side below my shoulder-blade. It’s a bit like someones poking a knife in to my back and I have to place pillows behind my right shoulder to try to get comfortable. It’s fine most of the time but when it’s bad it is really uncomfortable and the pain makes me feel really sick.

Sleeping. I find sleeping so uncomfortable and it takes me so long to get in to the right position! I can only lie on my sides now and not my back, which my obstetrician said that as a pregnant lady I shouldn’t be doing anyway as it can restrict blood flow to the placenta! I can only find real comfort sleeping on my left hand side with a pillow shoved between my legs and limited covers.

Swollen ankles. So far this has happened twice. Both days were when we were in Majorca and I had been standing for long periods of time. I suddenly noticed that my shoes were feeling really tight only to look down and see my puffy, swollen feet! It was quite a shock the first time, but it’s inevitable and went down quickly after I elevated them for a bit and sat down.

Nipple leakage. Didn’t really know how to label this one, but basically a couple of days ago my left nipple started to leak a little clear fluid- the SMALLEST amount but it made me so happy as I am hoping it means that my milk’s on its way! I am now urging the right one to hurry up and do the same!

Acid reflux. This is my latest symptom and has happened a couple of times after I’ve eaten and I have also woken up with it twice. It’s like a really uncomfortable burning pain but it subsides after a few minutes.

29 weeks pregnant

Sickness: Nothing this week

Cravings: Still nothing.

Scans: We had our 29 week scan last Wednesday. The baby’s lying head down and measuring normal and was in the 60th percentile for head, 48th percentile for thigh length and 70th percentile for stomach! Apparently this is all very average and the obstetrician was really happy. She wants me to go to 38 weeks as everything’s going so well, so another 8.5 weeks to go! I have another growth scan on 32 weeks (29 June). Obviously things can change at any moment, but I am feeling so much more relaxed about it all now, especially knowing the baby’s growing normally. He/ she currently weighs 3 lbs!

I also had a 28 week pregnancy retinal screen. I won’t get the results for a couple of weeks and as I only had the big eye check with the ophthalmologist at the eye clinic a couple of weeks ago I’m hoping that they are just normal, but will keep you updated. It’s crazy as (unless there’s something wrong) I won’t be seen again now until 6 months after the baby’s born, which in my opinion is way too far away! I think I will have to get a private scan at the optician between now and then just to get them checked and for piece of mind.

29 weeks pregnant

Baby Movement: Lots of movement. I love counting the kicks and I have an app which I use every day just to monitor what the baby’s up to. I regularly have a lot of pressure on my bladder which leaves me sprinting to the nearest loo. I also get so many kicks on my left and right side high up under my ribs. It’s still the most incredible feeling and I cherish every little movement.

The baby gets hiccups quite a lot too and it’s so funny to watch my tummy spasm. They only last a little time but it always brightens my day.

Stretch marks: Just a tiny patch on my right arm at the top but none anywhere else.  I  am still using my Green People Body Butter  which I swear by.

HBA1C: 5.0%

29 weeks pregnant

Belly button in or out? In but so stretched and I love it. Still no linea nigra.

Maternity clothes: Lots of maternity dresses from Asos which are very comfy. This embroidered one is my favourite and the dress I am wearing in all the photos.  The weather in England is really warm at the moment so I’m just living in loose dresses, big knickers (!) and sandals.

Exercise: The occasional light walk…and bouncing on my yoga ball.

Blood sugars: Still a few lows but not as many. Spain was really hard on my sugars with a crazy amount of hypos due to the heat and the stress getting there / back. I am definitely starting to take a LOT more insulin, so maybe I am hitting a bit of insulin resistance, but it’s not meant my sugars have been any higher, I’m just noticeably having to take more basal and bolus.

Medication: Other than my insulin I am taking 75mg Aspirin a day (which is prescribed to help reduce chances of pre-eclamsia), I am also taking a calcium / vit D tablet (Adcal) and a pregnancy vitamin tablet once a day.

Beauty: I’m going to do a post soon on all the products I’ve been using whilst pregnant, but just a few to note in the last couple of weeks. For sunscreen I used the Green People range. It’s organic and was really good for my sensitive skin. I usually get heat rash but I suffered from no rash or burn and my skin has actually gone a lovely colour (in contrast to its usual snow white). I have so many more freckles than ever before, but apparently this is usual in pregnancy. 
Organic Sun Screen

I also used this Organic Hydrating Mist and carried it in my handbag to help cool me down. It was especially handy at the airport and at the wedding.  It smells divine and will definitely be part of my hospital bag.

Lots of you ask me what foundation I use. I don’t use an actual foundation as I have found since being pregnant that my skin is much clearer and for the first time in my life I actually feel confident without make up. However, on the times that I do occasionally wear it, I always wear Inika organic liquid mineral foundation. It’s more like a tinted moisturiser as it’s so light but I wore it for the wedding and it felt perfect, especially in the heat.

Baby buys: I am excited to announce that we have a travel system! Silver Cross have very kindly gifted us with their latest limited edition Henley Pioneer and Simplicity carseat. It arrived on Friday and as soon as Ports was back from work we put it up together. Normally in these situations there are lots of disagreements, or as he would say, I turn in to a project manager (!) however, this was so easy to put up, no need to look at the instructions, and I still literally cannot believe my eyes at how beautiful it is.

I will be doing a big review on it once the baby’s born and I’ve used it out and about. I don’t think this little baby will know how lucky it is to be travelling in such comfort and style. Certainly more glamorous than its current lodgings! Here’s a sneak preview!

Silver Cross Henley Pioneer

silver cross henley pioneer

Air conditioning unit. In the UK Aircon is not something many houses have, and given the current temperature and the fact it’s only going to get warmer I’m getting a little worried about the baby overheating. Our bedroom is literally like a greenhouse and despite our best efforts to keep curtains closed and windows open it’s not dropping below 25 degrees  c. Which, I alone cannot cope with! I know babies are cooler than adults and they can’t regulate their body temperatures very well, but I also know the dangers of being in a room that’s too warm. So, we are buying a portable air con unit (we found a second hand one on Gumtree for £30), so that I can at least keep the bedroom at a steady temperature (obviously not too cool either!).

Water wipes. In our pregnancy class a few weeks ago the midwife said that when the baby’s born we should only be using water wipes or cotton wool balls with water as the baby’s skin will not take well to any products etc straight away. I have about 6 Kilner jars full of hand rolled (a tedious task I tell you!!) cotton wool balls and have also purchased some water wipes too as I have a feeling these may be a little less messy! We got ours from Asda, but they are also available online and in Waitrose too.

Hospital bag:

I have started getting little bits together to put aside in to a bag, just in case! I bought a hand-held fan and I have a really good paper fan too which I think will be vital, especially giving birth in July / August time! I have bought the baby lots of short body suits and longer ones too, my mum has knitted some little white booties and I have lots of scratch mittens. I also have this Organic Hydrating Mist by Green People which I am using so much at the moment. It’s really refreshing and cools me down. I am also looking in to nappies for new borns too. Lots of you have asked whether I’m going to go organic / use cloth nappies etc. To be honest, I am just going to use what ever works best for the baby and if that’s just a normal off the shelf brand, then so be it.

I still need to get lots of other bits, but I’m not going to go mad. At the end of the day I anticipate being in hospital for a few days so Ports can always bring me anything we need.


I will always have concerns and I have just come to realise that it’s just in my nature. To be honest I think it’d be more of a concern if I wasn’t worried about things!

29 weeks pregnant

That’s it for now, but if there’s anything you want to know that I haven’t added in then do let me know and I’ll add it in next time.

Emma and the bump x

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  • What a lovely post Emma. I’m so pleased to hear you’re doing well. You are positively glowing & what fabulous photos! The Silver Cross pram looks amazing too. All the best 🙂

    • Thank you so much, so kind of you to comment. The Silver Cross pram’s incredible, I can’t stop going in to the baby’s room to have a little look at it! It all feels so surreal, I just can’t wait for the baby to be here safely. Emma x

  • Wow!! Another amazing post Emi. Mt wife and I look forward to your posts and love following your journey! We are also expecting and the Silver Cross was on our short list for ‘travel systems’….we can’t wait for a review but will definitely be getting one now!

    Not long to go now!

    Scott D

    • Thank you, Scott! That’s so lovely to hear and I wish your wife lots of luck with her pregnancy. I have only been pushing it around the house but it’s just divine to manoeuvre and not heavy like a lot of the other brands. Let me know if you need any more information in the mean time! Emi x

  • Thank you so much for your posts!
    It is so refreshing to see a blog from a UK diabetic.
    As a fellow Type 1 diabetic, all I seem to read is negative posts, (particularly in relation to pregnancy) so it is really great to have something positive, honest and insightful!!
    Looking forward to following the rest of your exciting journey, Emma x

    • Hi Emma, Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I know what you mean about negative posts…if I had gone on all the horror stories I had read before I got pregnant then I probably wouldn’t have! However, I’m so pleased to have experienced it for myself and I honestly have nothing bad to say about being T1 and pregnant so far (touch wood) plus you certainly get the best care! :o) X

  • Ah EMi you look radiant! So happy about the gift for you and baby! That is so special. Happy you did get to Majorca and wedding and home safely! Now, be patient time will zoom by and a new healthy babe to hold and love. Your USA Friend always, Cheryl xx

    • Thank you so much! We are SO lucky with the travel system, it felt like all my Christmas’ had come at once! I’m definitely pleased to be back in the UK, even though it was incredible to be part of the wedding, it certainly feels a little safer and calmer being home! Not long now (30 weeks yesterday!)! Hope you’re having a lovely holiday 🙂 E X

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