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Bread in a bag mix: Original

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SHIPS TO THE UK ONLY. Shipping is made within 10 working days of orders. 

Price amendment: the cost of ingredients has gone up by 30% per kg this month (Feb 2022) and I am having to reflect this in my bread costs. 

A simple and delicious bread in a bag. The bag contains all the dry ingredients necessary to create a delicious low-carb loaf. Once made, it can be sliced and frozen and is there to be enjoyed by the whole family.

Ingredients: ground linseed, chia, baking powder, sea salt

Weight of dry ingredients: 300g

The bread is:



Keto friendly

Less than 1 g carbs per slice (based on 20 slices)

Nut-free. But do be aware that it is made in a kitchen that uses nuts and peanuts.

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*please note as on 14.04.22 that the price of my porridge has changed. This is due to the cost of ingredients going up considerably and is totally out of my control. I hope you can understand. I am so sorry.

THIS PRODUCT SHIPS TO THE UK. Shipping is made within 10 working days of orders. 

My latest product “bread in a bag”. A beautiful brown bag filled with all the dry ingredients needed to make a delicious low carb loaf. It makes going low-carb easy. It has made quick lunches much easier, as it makes a great sandwich or accompaniment to soup.

I get that “giving up carbs” especially if bread has been one of your staple go to’s for years and years, seems like an unachievable challenge. BUT, this bread really does fill the void. It has a similar consistency to rye bread and is fabulous toasted with a generous spread of butter.

The bread is:



Keto friendly

Less than 1 g carbs per slice (based on 20 slices)

Nut-free. But do be aware that it is made in a kitchen that uses nuts and peanuts.

Extras you can add:

parmesan loaf: 40g fresh grated parmesan, plus, 20g to be added to the top.

breakfast loaf: 2tsp ground cinnamon, 1/4 tsp nutmeg, 1 tsp ginger, 3 tbsp flaked almonds

Can the bread be frozen? Yes! Slice and freeze.

Can the bread be toasted? Yes! Delicious. Especially with some butter.

What’s in the pack? All the dry ingredients you will need to create a delicious loaf. A milled mix of linseed, chia, baking powder, sea salt

What extras will I need? eggs, olive oil (or other oil of choice) and water.

What do you use to bake your bread in? I use a 1lb or sometimes 2lb bread pan like these ones

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6 reviews for Bread in a bag mix: Original

  1. Jane Peters

    Huge fans. Fantastic product, beautifully packaged. I made it as soon as I received it and it was a game changer for me and my husband. He is a bread fanatic and has even admitted this tastes just like normal bread (similar to rye / sourdough). It doesn’t raise his blood sugar (he’s type 2 and stubborn as anything to change his ways, despite my pleas). He’s eating it daily and feels better for it… So I have just ordered 4 more bags for the month. Thank you Emma. I hope others are benefitting from your life changing creation. Jane

  2. Joanna (verified owner)

    Tastes amazing and is so easy to make. I find it a great substitution for bread and it’s really filling. I have made and sliced it, then frozen it for toasting each morning. Adding the parmesan makes it super delicious!! I will definitely be ordering more!!

  3. Susan Mason-Cave (verified owner)

    It’s gorgeous, a bit like an Irish soda bread.
    Easy to make and bake. I used sundried tomatoes and oil with my second loaf and it’s delicious.
    It’s like an Artisan bread that you can change with different oils and additional ingredients.
    5 ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  4. Tracy Shelton (verified owner)

    What an inspiring product. I am newly diagnosed with type 2, I have not touched a bread product for two months. But this bread is a game changer. Its easy to bake and tastes superb. The range of uses for this bread will expanded my range of foods I eat immensely. I am so excited. This is the first positive reaction I have had since my diagnosis. Thank you so much.

  5. Karen

    Made my first loaf today. It was easy and I am so pleased. This bread tastes good and is a great help with Keto.

  6. Liz Farrell (verified owner)

    I love this bread. It’s a game changer for me.

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