Raw Key Lime Paleo Pie

Raw Key Lime Paleo Pie

Last weekend we had some friends over for Sunday lunch. The sun was shining so we decided to have a light Paleo summery meal of chicken skewers, pesto courgetti, cauliflower burgers and a homemade mint, rocket and walnut salad. It all went down a storm and there was nothing left by the end of the meal. I’d been umm-ing and err-ing over what to make for dessert. I wanted something light that would compliment the lunch well. After much deliberation I decided to try out a key lime pie. It was a complete trial but thankfully it worked incredibly well and was delicious in the warm sunshine! I didn’t tell any one the secret ingredient but asked them to guess what it was- I think the colour might have been a bit of a giveaway!

It was a refreshing and light desert without the cloying heaviness of a normal cheesecake but with the same creamy satisfaction and indulgent taste. You will need to prepare a little for this one- as the coconut milk needs to go in to the fridge over night so that the coconut cream separates from the coconut water. You can save the water for a later date and use it in a smoothie or a juice!


What you need:

To make enough for 12 portions
Preparation time: 20 minutes (Note: the coconut milk must be in the fridge for atleast 12 hrs before making)
Cooking time: 2 – 3 hrs (needs time to freeze)

Equipment: pie dish (26.5cm / 26.5cm), hand mixer (or whisk), food processor, freezer (I know this might be a obvious thing to put down but until we moved we didn’t have one and it is a necessity with this dish)

For the base:

*6 medjool dates, unpitted
*1 cup cashew nuts
*1/2 cup coconut flakes
*1/2 cup almonds
*1 tbsp coconut butter
*1tbsp coconut oil

For the filling:

*2 large ripe avocados  (SECRET INGREDIENT)
*3 limes (juiced)
*1/2 cup raw honey *If Vegan substitute for Agave
*1 – 2 tbsp coconut flour
*2 x cans 400ml full fat coconut milk (refrigerated over night)


For the base:

  • Slowly melt the coconut butter over heat until fully melted
  • Place the dates, cashew nuts, coconut flakes, almonds in to a food processor and process until coarse
  • Add the coconut oil and coconut butter to the mix and process until you have a sticky, crumbly mixture
  • In to a dish, press the mixture firmly down and place in the freezer

For the filling:

  • Peel avocados and place in food processor with lime juice, raw honey and coconut flour, process until smooth and thick
  • Take coconut milk from fridge and open carefully DO NOT SHAKE. The cream should be at the top of the tin and you should be able to scoop it out in to a separate bowl
  • Whisk with a hand mixer until thick and stiff – if after 2 minutes it has not stiffened then add 1 tbsp coconut flour and mix again
  • Combine avocado mixture from food processor in to bowl of coconut cream and continue with hand mixer until fully combined (do have a little try to make sure it is sweet enough for you and that there is enough lime) add more to taste
  • Take base out of freezer and pour filling on top, spread evenly
  • Place in to freezer for at least 2- 3 hrs until the dish is fully firm
  • Transfer to the fridge until time to serve, will keep for up to 5 days

Suitable for: Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, Dairy-Free, Vegetarian, Paleo






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