Review: SnuzPod, 3 in 1 bedside crib

Review: SnuzPod, 3 in 1 bedside crib

So, Florence is now one year old. I know, I know, where has the time gone? Well, although I feel like it has flown by, I also feel like there were several moments, especially during the first 12 weeks where time just stood still.

When I had my beautiful bundle in my arms 12 months ago, I never imagined ending up back in hospital weeks later with a poorly baby and I certainly never anticipated her enduring life saving surgery. I have so much to blog about still, so many reviews to write and so many people to thank. So, this review is a little (a lot) overdue, but as usual all my reviews are incredibly honest and written from the heart (this one probably more so than others).

The photos for this review were taken when she was 7 weeks old, just a couple of weeks before her operation. It has been a little hard looking at them as I remember, so vividly, taking them, seeing her sleeping so peacefully, so unaware of what was to come.

SnüzPod is the stylish multi award-winning 3 in 1 bedside crib that allows you to co-sleep safely, feed easily and be closer to your baby. For the first 6.5 months Florence slept by my side in the SnuzPod and I couldn’t be more grateful for having one.  From day one it was like a comfort blanket for me and if I could I would still have her in it now (albeit completely squished!).

We set the SnuzPod up two weeks before she was born and it added the most unexplainable level of excitement. Knowing that we were so close to having it filled with a little person. I had chosen the dove grey. I wanted something neutral that would work well in any bedroom, and something that was gender neutral in case we were to have any more children in the years to come! It felt sturdy, heavy and secure, exactly what you want as a new parent. It really is one of those pieces of furniture that you stop and stare at. It made our bedroom instantly more beautiful and a gazillion times more stylish (something I am still one day hoping to grasp!). My husband put it together and let’s just say he isn’t a natural DIY-er, but he seemed to have no problems and said himself that out of all the baby furniture we had, and I quote “this was the easiest”. (!!)

That first day we brought our tiny bundle home was, to put it bluntly, bloody terrifying. Being a new parent is like being chucked in to the deep end of a swimming pool and not being able to swim. Having read a few blogs, some chapters of a few “how to be a parent” books and having an app on my phone, nothing could have prepared me for actually having Florence at home. But knowing that she had somewhere comfortable and safe to sleep by a brand so highly recognised really put my mind at ease. That first night she fell asleep with the zip side down clutching on to my finger with her tiny little hand. I felt so connected and close to her which was pure magic.

As I had a C Section getting in and out of bed quickly during the first couple of weeks wasn’t exactly easy. So being able to lift Florence from right next to me made everything quite seamless. She slept well in the Snuz. Well, as well as any newborn sleeps and I felt confident that she was safe and secure. The zip-down mesh wall was so easy to lower. I was then able to comfort Florence and feed her regularly during the day and night, before raising the mesh back up to create a four-walled crib protecting Florence from my bed.

We had selected a SnuzPod natural crib mattress  which was handmade using only the best natural ingredients. Free from toxins and harmful chemicals, breathable and anti-dust mite. It had firm support as recommended by industry experts and we used a waterproof mattress protector underneath. I had read on so many websites about the importance of always having a new mattress for a newborn, so it was important to me to research what was best. To complete the crib we used the Little Tweets bedding sets which consisted of beautiful sheets and a reversible blanket which I still use to this day.

I was certain not to make any plans prior to having Florence, I didn’t have a birth plan as all I wanted was my baby to arrive safely. I was so lucky to be able to breastfeed, so having the Snuz right next to my side of the bed made perfect sense as it made easy access…., easy! I breastfed Florence for the first 5 months and it was wonderful being able to zip down the sides and hold her close. She was and still is the most cuddly little thing and being able to hear her breathing, snoring, cooing in her sleep and having a cuddle at every opportunity was just divine.

Florence endured many hospital visits in the first few weeks of her life which were incredibly stressful,  upsetting and heartbreaking until she finally had to have life saving surgery in October 2016. Bringing her back home again, knowing that she was finally pain-free was incredibly overwhelming. I have and always will be incredibly protective over her so knowing and being able to see that she was still lying beside me in her cot was incredibly comforting. That night and for the first time she slept for 8 hours straight in her Snuz. It was like she was being cradled by an old friend as soon as we lay her down and waking up seeing her peacefully sound asleep was such a wonderful thing to see. From then on she continued to sleep more soundly. I’m not going to lie, she has never been the “best” sleeper, but she certainly slept a little better.

We didn’t move the Snuz from its cradle. We did travel with it a couple of times and it was easy to transport into parts- but it definitely requires a big boot. I didn’t find it practical to move downstairs as it is heavy, perhaps if we had lived in a flat it would have been different. It was just used for day time naps and for her sleeping at night. She started to roll at 5 months but due to the breathable material she was absolutely fine and it didn’t worry me at all.

Moving Florence from the Snuz in to her “big girl cot” was actually one of the harder transitions. I trusted the SnuzPod, it had kept her so safe for the first 6.5 months and seeing her in a big bed instead of neatly cocooned was quite daunting. Another milestone complete.

So, if you are currently pregnant and seeking a comfortable, stylish and trustworthy bedside bassinet then I really cannot recommend the SnuzPod more highly. It is such a beautiful brand, full of wonderful people and it is abundantly clear that their products are made with comfort, quality, bonding and style in mind.

For us, having the SnuzPod really did make the first few exciting, worrying, turbulent months more bearable.

Down to the nitty gritty and the “good to know” bits:

  • With the SnuzPod, you have a choice of 7 beautiful colours: natural, eco-white, dove grey, espresso, putty, sherbet and blush.
  • There are 3 unique modes: bedside, bassinet & standalone
  • Zip-down mesh wall for instant access during the night
  • Lift-off bassinet for use around the home and away
  • Rocking stand to soothe baby back to sleep
  • From 0-6 months
  • Small footprint, easily slots next to your bed
  • Includes straps to easily secure to your bed
  • Handy storage shelf to keep your night-time essentials close to hand
  • Removable fabric pod that can be hand washed
  • British safety tested, the only bedside crib to pass to both BS EN 1130 & BS EN 1466

SnuzPod rrp. £199.95(currently on sale for £179.95)

Click here to see the SnuzPod and all the available colour options and extras.

Thank you so much to Snuz who very kindly gifted Florence and I with the SnuzPod and accessories. All photos and comments are honest and my own. 

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