Low-carb “bread in a bag”

Low-carb “bread in a bag”

Excited to announce that I have launched a new product through my online shop.

Introducing “bread in a bag“.

I get that giving up carbs, especially if bread has been one of your staple go to’s for years and years, seems like an unachievable challenge. BUT, this bread really does fill the void. It has a similar consistency to rye bread and is fabulous toasted with a generous spread of butter or as an open sandwich.

A simple and delicious bread in a bag. The beautiful brown bag contains all the dry ingredients necessary to create a delicious low-carb loaf. The ingredients make a large loaf, 300g of dry ingredients or you could make 2 smaller loaves by splitting the ingredients in half.

It has made quick lunches much easier, as it makes a great sandwich or accompaniment to soup. Once made, it can be toasted or sliced and frozen and is there to be enjoyed by the whole family.

Ingredients original loaf: ground linseed, chia, baking powder, sea salt

Ingredients parmesan loaf: ground linseed, parmesan, chia, baking powder, sea salt

Weight of dry ingredients: 300g

The bread is:



Keto friendly

Less than 1 g carbs per slice (based on 20 slices)

Nut-free. But do be aware that it is made in a kitchen that uses nuts and peanuts

Can the bread be frozen? Yes! Slice and freeze.

Can the bread be toasted? Yes! Delicious. Especially with some butter.

What extras will I need? eggs, olive oil (or other oil of choice) and water.

What do you use to bake your bread in? I use a 1lb bread pan, which gives the perfect sized loaf. But you could also use a 2lb bread pan like these ones

6 thoughts on “Low-carb “bread in a bag””

  • I’ve just made your bread in a bag loaf – oh gosh, it’s lovely!! Thank you so much, booked eggs and soldiers for me tomorrow! ☺️

  • Thank you – I meant boiled eggs, of course, lol! I see you did a Parmesan one – are you going to be selling that again – or can I just add an amount to the plain mix? Thanks!

    • ?Add 50g to the mix of fresh grated Parmesan. Then add another 15-20g to the top about half way through baking. E x

    • I am closed now for Christmas and to have my second child. I hope to be opening again in late January. Thank you x

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