Almond Nut Butter

Almond Nut Butter

Growing up my little brother used to adore peanut butter sandwiches, they were his number one choice for any meal. I could never understand why he loved it so much, the mere smell of it made my stomach churn. I will never forget going to a friends eighth birthday party and playing a party game called ‘guess the food’. Whilst blind folded not only was I served a teaspoon of cat food (!!) but I was also served a teaspoon of peanut butter which caused me to gag and wretch so loudly that I was removed from the party so as not to petrify the other children eagerly waiting their turn. Since then I have steered well clear of peanut butter (and cat food, obviously) however I do have a huge penchant for other nut butters. They are the most simple thing to make and can be added to almost anything you like from porridge, smoothies, curries, cakes to pies and raw desserts.

One of my favourite nut butters to make is almond – I can eat it by the spoonful and it has such a satisfying indulgence to it. It’s also one of the best things to have as a snack with crudités and really helps to curb those sweet cravings.


What you need:

1 food processor

*2 cups almonds (measured cups)


  • In to a food processor (fitted with an S blade) place 2 cups almonds and blend until all the almonds are fully broken up and resemble a flour like substance. Continue to blend
  • Stir down with a wooden spoon every so often as the almonds will work the way up the bowl otherwise
  • Continue to blend until smooth, thick and buttery this can take around 15  minutes depending on how many cups of almonds you are using (2 cups takes about 15 minutes)
  • Store in an air tight jar and keep in the fridge

NOTE: This might seem like a long process but the results are totally worth it. Note that the food processor will get hot so do allow it to have breaks every so often to cool down












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