Paleo Mayonnaise

Paleo Mayonnaise

My husband loves to have a sauce with a lot of his meals, be it tomato, chutney, brown sauce or mustard. Personally I have never really been that in to them as they are usually pumped full of sugars and stabilisers (and general ingredients I would not know how to pronounce), certainly not worth the spike in blood sugar.
The great thing though I love about cooking is that I can experiment until my heart’s content to try to knock out the middle man (aka sugars) and work out a safe and Paleo alternative! So here’s my Paleo Mayonnaise. Probably the second most simple recipe to make (after my almond nut butter) and what’s better is that there are only 5 simple everyday ingredients.
Slather it on homemade burgers, dip home-made sweet potato chips in it or why not make your own coleslaw to share with the family! Don’t reach for the ‘light’ version on the shop shelves, instead take 5 mins out and make your own, it’s worth it- I promise.
Feel free to add in some fresh or dried herbs for an added twist!


Paleo Mayonnaise
Prep time
Total time
A smooth and creamy Paleo mayonnaise. This is super simple to make with only 5 key ingredients. No nasties and no additives.
Recipe type: Lunch, Dinner
Cuisine: Condiment
  • ½ a lemon, juiced
  • 1 cup LIGHT Olive oil, or avocado oil
  • 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
  • 1 large egg, room temperature
  • ½ tsp salt
  • ½ tsp cracked pepper (OPTIONAL)
  1. In to a deep jar or bowl place the oil followed by the egg and then the rest of the ingredients
  2. If you are using a hand blender place the blender to the bottom of the jar / dish and blend, it will immediately thicken and turn in to a mayonnaise colour and consistency
  3. I would blend for at least 1 minute to ensure a very smooth and creamy texture
  4. Have a taste test and add any extra salt / lemon juice to your taste
  5. Spoon in to an airtight jar and keep in the fridge for up to 14 days
You will need a jam jar, a hand blender / whisk (you could also do this by hand but it will take a little longer)







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18 thoughts on “Paleo Mayonnaise”

  • Hey now this sounds really easy. Ive only just discovered your great blog. I’m going to give it a go today. Most mayo recipes have more complications !!
    I will report back with my result.

      • Ohhhhh! I can’t believe it! It’s THE most beautiful magical thing to make ! Thankyou! It’s going to be gorgeous with my homemade turkey burgers for tea (or dinner..I’m a northerner!) tonight.

      • I’m so thrilled it worked for you! 🙂 it’s such fun to make isn’t it! I am jealous of your turkey burgers for tea (my mother’s Northern so we actually grew up calling it that!). Have a wonderful evening!

  • Hi Emma… I have just come across this recipe and am very excited to make it! 🙂

    One question: how long does it last for in the fridge?

    • It should last about 2 weeks but ours never stays around for that long as my husband eats it! It has lemon in it so it should be nicely preserved. Hope you enjoy! ☺️

  • I have made this mayo and it works wonderfully under normal conditions the other day tried again twice and it didn’t work but then we had a very hot day as in 40 degrees we live in Melbourne Australia. So could it be the heat that caused this?

  • When whisking it by hand, would I still add all the ingredients in the same order? I have read about recipes where oil is supposed to be added to the egg yolk at a ridiculously slow rate.

    • Hi Silvia, I have not whisked by hand before, but will aim to try it soon to see how it works. However, in the mean time, I found this video which I think is very useful it recommends adding the eggs first (I would also add the ACV at this stage) whisking and then slowly adding drip by drip the olive oil until the mixture comes together in to mayonnaise (adding the lemon, salt and pepper at the end). Hope this helps. As I say, I will give this a go myself and let you know if I make any changes. Best, Emma x

      • Thank you for your quick reply. I will definitely check out the video. I used to put Mayo on everything and I really miss it. Would love to be able to make it at home, without it splitting on me, and without all the extras they pump into the store bought ones.
        Let me know how you get on with the experiment! 🙂

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