Wok a rainbow: Broccoli, chilli, garlic and ginger prawns

Wok a rainbow: Broccoli, chilli, garlic and ginger prawns

The weather has been so beautiful in London over the last couple of weeks so I’ve been making the most of enjoying lots of fresh vegetables and trying out some quick light dishes. My usual routine on finishing work is to cycle straight home to feed Tilly (Queen of the household) and then I usually head over to the gym for a quick 40 minute session. I  get home around 7:30pm and as much as I adore it the last thing I really feel like doing (especially on a humid Monday evening) is cooking a long and complicated meal. So here’s a super easy,  bright and tasty dish which is quick and bursting with health benefits – broccoli is one powerful vegetable I can tell you!


What you need:

*1 broccoli
*Handful baby tomatoes
*200 g prawns
*2 inch cube ginger, crushed
*handful coriander
*6 garlic cloves
*1 red onion
*1/2 large courgette
*1 red chilli
*1/2 red pepper
*1tsp pepper
*1tsp salt
*1 tbsp almond oil
*1tsp paprika

Enough for 4

Marinade prawns (try to do this the evening / morning before, or just do it for 5 minutes whilst your tomatoes/peppers/garlic are roasting)

  • Into a bowl place 1 tbsp almond oil, prawns, crushed ginger, 1/2 lemon, pepper, salt and paprika, cover with foil and leave in the fridge until time to cook

Main dish

  • Pre heat oven to 180 degrees and place a roasting tray with cherry tomatoes, pepper and garlic and a drizzle of almond oil for 15 minutes (Other oil options: olive oil, macadamia oil or coconut oil)- if you want to eat immediately just place these ingredients in to the wok without roasting for about 5 minutes to soften before adding the next stage of ingredients
  • In to a wok place the red onion, courgette and chili and turn on a high heat for 1-2 minutes, add in the broccoli, roasted vegetables (tomatoes, pepper and garlic) and prawn marinade and wok for a further 2-3 minutes
  • Serve immediately with fresh coriander and toasted linseed

Suitable for: Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, Dairy-Free, Nut-Free,  Paleo














Benefits of broccoli:

Broccoli is one of the most nutritious vegetable around. It contains more vitamin C than an orange and has more calcium than a glass of milk. It is a perfect addition to most dishes; salads, omelette, curries of stir-frys.

ANTI-INFLAMMATORY: The compounds found in broccoli are able to change potentially block enzymes linked to joint destruction and inhibit inflammation

ANTIOXIDANT: Broccoli has the most concentrated source of a premiere antioxidant nutrient viatmin C. Also concentrated in broccoli are the carotenoids lutein, zeaxanthin and beta-carotene. All three function as key antioxidants.

DETOXIFICATION: Broccoli has a strong and positive impact on our body’s detoxification system. Glucoraphanin, gluconasturiian and glucobrassicin are 3 glucosinolate phytonutrients found in a special combination in broccoli. This brilliant trio are able to support all steps in the body’s detox proves, including activation, neutralisation and elimination of unwanted contaminants

CANCER PREVENTION: The unique combination of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and pro-detoxification components in brocoli make it a unique food in terms of cancer prevention. The connections between cancer development and oxidative stress along with chronic inflammation and inadequate detoxification are so well documented in research that any food which can improve all these metabolic problems would highly lower our risk of cancer. Broccoli has been shown (through research) to be strongest in showing decreased risk of prostate cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, bladder cancer, and ovarian cancer. Recent studies have suggested that to reduce our cancer risk we need on average 1/2 a cup of broccoli a day, which is enough to provide measurable benefits. 2 cups twice a week would be the minimum average amount

DIGESTION: Broccoli has a high amount of dietary fiber, with only 1 gram of dietary fiber for every 10 calories. Broccoli also contains glucosinolates, these are phytonutrients which are converted by our bodies in to isothiocyanates which help protect the health of our stomach lining by helping prevent bacterial overgrowth of Helicobacter pylori or too much of this bacteria building up on our stomach wall

CARDIOVASCULAR: The anti-inflammatory substances found in broccoli are said to help decrease the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Broccoli can also help to lower cholesterol which also helps to keep our heart healthy






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