Curried Carrot Soup

Curried Carrot Soup

Soups are one of the quickest things to make and one of the fastest ways to get a great big hit of natures goodness. However, being a type one diabetic I have to be so careful with soups especially in restaurants and supermarkets as the majority are pumped with extra sugars and preservatives which can cause my blood sugar to go on its very own roller coaster ride. Potatoes, flour and dairy products like Crème fraîche and cream are frequently used to help thicken soups and can be silently left off ingredients lists in restaurants which isn’t helpful.

For me soup has to be packed with flavour, full of goodness and preferably smell so good that I have the whole office salivating and emailing me for the recipe! The soup I am about to share is just that. It’s thick, creamy and indulgent. It would easily serve a hungry family of four and leave enough for a bowl at work the next day! It’s so warming and filling with no need for any accompaniments – other than maybe a few toasted seeds on top and a sprinkling of coriander.


What you need:
To serve 4 hungry bears

*1kg carrots
*2 small white onions, finely chopped
*3 garlic cloves, finely chopped
*1 heaped tsp curry powder
*1 tsp cumin
*1tsp sea salt
*1/2 tsp pepper
*750ml veg stock (This can be made yourself or use 1 stock cube in 750 ml water)


    • Slice the carrots and set aside
    • In a deep pan place a glug of olive oil over high heat
    • Once hot enough add the onion and garlic in to the oil and fry off until golden brown
    • Add in the spices, salt and pepper and fry for about 3-4 minutes
    • Now add in the chopped carrots and cover in the onion / spice mix until fully coated
    • Pour over 750 ml stock and bring to boil
    • Once boiling, turn to simmer and place pan lid and leave for 30 minutes or so
    • Using a hand blender, blend the carrots in the water until smooth and creamy. If the consistency is to think then add a cup of boiling water at a time until desired consistency
    • Season to taste
    • Store in a sealed containe in the fridge for up to 5 days or you can even freeze it
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Nutritional information per average bowl



















I would like to know from you whether it would be helpful if I started providing nutritional information. A breakdown of carbohydrates, sugars and calories. My reason for this blog has never been how many calories you should be consuming but about creating and enjoying good, honest and healthy dishes. That being said I want to make the recipes as interactive and engaging as I can so if a little nutritional table would help then we could test it out!

As always, thank you for reading.

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12 thoughts on “Curried Carrot Soup”

  • Looking forward to trying this soup. I would appreciate a breakdown if it’s not too much trouble! Seems a lot to ask of you. Since I found your blog I have been trying following the paleo way of eating, and I am feeling so good and have lost a few pounds too. Thank you so much!

    • Hi Wendy, Thank you so much for commenting. I will indeed set up the table then, it is no trouble at all. I think it’s certainly useful so that people can just have an idea of what they are putting in their bodies 🙂
      I am so pleased to hear that you are enjoying my blog and well done on the weight loss!

  • This was gorgeous and even better the second day when the flavours had developed. We live in Vietnam and couldn’t find the seeds in the local supermarket but I will keep looking for them for next time… thanks for the recipe!

    • Hi Lesley, what a lovely comment all the way from Vietnam- thank you! I’m so pleased to hear that you enjoyed the recipe. It definitely infuses the longer you leave it, doesn’t it! Thank you again :o)

  • I have a very similar recipe which is easy to make and good to eat! It’s on the To Do list today actually as I have some carrots to use. I love the idea of popping a handful of seeds on top. I’ll have to get some and try that another time. 🙂

  • It must be very frustrating having to watch out for all those hidden ingredients! I definitely prefer homemade soup for being able to control what’s in it, and they just taste better. I love carrot soup, and this curried version looks beautiful. Thanks for the recipe!

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