Mint chocolate fudge bars

Mint chocolate fudge bars

It’s nearly the end of the week, so I thought that you all deserved a treat…. a chocolaty one. Two of my favourite things are mint and chocolate and when combined together they are simply irresistible. So I thought I would share my own mint chocolate fudge bars with you just in time for you to then share with your friends and family for the bank holiday weekend! This weekend we don’t have any plans other than to relax – which couldn’t be more perfect timing.

I also wanted to share a great article with you written by Paleo Polly for the Paleo Magazine (August addition, pp. 12 – 14) where Paleo With Mrs P has had a little mention, I always get so excited when I see my name mentioned somewhere! 

What you need:
(to make 12)

*50 g raw chocolate (or 2 heaped tbsp cacao)
*6 medjool dates, de-seeded
*1 cup cashew nuts
*1/2 cup almonds
*8 leaves apple mint or 1 tsp peppermint oil
*1 tbsp coconut oil or almond oil


  • In to a food processor place all your ingredients (leave 6-7 almonds spare) and blitz until fully combined and sticky in texture (this might take 2 -3  minutes as the nuts break down. Persevere and give your machine a little rest every so often!)
  • Scoop mixture out in to a square cake tin or baking tray and firmly press down
  • On top sprinkle remaining almonds (chopped) and some extra fresh mint (optional)
  • Place in the freezer for 1 hr and then remove, chop in to squares and store in the fridge until time to serve















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