For me this is the perfect teaser / starter for a dinner party; packed with goodness and bursting with rich intense flavour but remaining light enough to leave you ready and raring for a main and dessert.

Gazpacho is best made a couple of days in advance to give it time to chill and let all the flavours infuse. Although this is a chilled dish, it is important to take it out of the fridge about 15 minutes before serving to allow if to thaw out a little.

I’ve been growing my own tomatoes for a few months now and they’ve all just ripened in perfect unison just in time for my dinner party. However, if you are buying them from a shop or market I would try to go with large ripe ones (as pictured below) as these are the most flavourful and blend perfectly.


What you need:
Serves 4 large bowls or 8 taster bowls 

*6 Large and ripe tomatoes (de-skinned)
*1 avocado (peeled and de-stoned)
*6 -8 soaked cashew nuts (soak for at least 4 hrs)
*½ sweet red pepper
*2 tbsp apple cider vinegar
*½ lime
*1 red onion
*2 cloves garlic
*1 handful coriander
*½ large cucumber
*3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
*Sea salt and pepper


  • De-skin tomatoes. To do this, place tomatoes in to a bowl of boiling water and leave for 1 – 2 minutes. You should then be able to peel the tomato skin straight off
  • Chop tomatoes, red pepper, avocado flesh and cucumber, place in to blender and add all other ingredients on top. Blitz until smooth
  • If too thick for you add some water until desired consistency
  • Place in to a sealed container and chill in the fridge for at least two hours. I usually make mine 1 – 2 days before serving to let the flavors intensify
  • Top with extra virgin olive oil, olives, toasted pumpkin seeds or some greenery and serve with some of my crisp breads

Suitable for: Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, Dairy-Free, Vegetarian, Vegan, Egg-Free, Paleo













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