What I Ate Wednesday!

What I Ate Wednesday!

I thought that I would start doing a weekly post on what I ate Wednesday. I get so many messages asking what I eat on a normal week day, so I thought I’d start making this a regular thing in the hope that it might inspire people to try something new.  As I work from home I try to make everything fresh, but obviously there will be some times when I’m out and about so I will share that too. If I am out I will usually try to take snacks with me, even if it’s just some boiled eggs, nuts, seeds, blueberries and energy balls. The worst thing is trying to find healthy food when you’re in a rush or on the go and that is the time when you are most likely to reach for something naughty for convenience.

Since I’ve been pregnant I haven’t increased what I eat in any way and I am very much of the belief that just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean I have to start eating for two. I am lucky in that my appetite hasn’t rapidly increased and I’m sure a large part of that was because I was so unwell for the first 13 weeks. What’s important to me is that the baby is getting all the nutrients and vitamins it needs that are vital for its growth and to give it the very best start in life.

Wednesday 20th April 2016.

Today I had a diabetic nurse appointment mid morning and I had to drop my husband at the train station early so once I was home at 07:45am it was a quick breakfast of wok’d kale with a fried egg in coconut oil and an avocado. I drizzled lime juice and added some sea salt and some lime zest on top. I had this with a peppermint tea and a glass of water. My blood-sugars were good before I ate (4.4mmols) so I didn’t have any insulin for this either. I usually always choose a protein based breakfast as I find it keeps me fuller for longer, means I require less or no insulin and helps me to stay focused too.

What I ate Wednesday

Once I got home from hospital at about 14:00pm my blood sugars were 4.9mmol so I threw a salad together with what we had in the fridge and cupboards. This is courgette noodles with avocado and spring onion cream, olives, milled linseed, chia and hemp (buy here) and some feta. I know that for a lot of people feta wouldn’t be considered Paleo, but it works well for me in my diet and it also gives me a healthy dose of calcium, which is vital for the baby’s development. I drank a sparkling water and also had another peppermint tea.

What I ate Wednesday

I had a midwife appointment after lunch, she checked my blood pressure, weight, the baby’s heart beat and my tummy and all was perfect. I have recently started to feel the baby moving which gives me so much joy. By the time I got home it was mid afternoon, so as a celebration I had a raw chocolate brownie that I had made yesterday (made with 4 ingredients: cacao, medjool dates, coconut oil and ground almonds). I sat in the garden for about an hour doing some recipe development as it was so warm and sunny and watched Tilly (cat) chasing anything that moved.

What I ate Wednesday

I had pregnancy yoga at 7pm so before I went I made dinner to have once my husband and I got home. This was a curried sweet potato and butternut squash soup with some paleo bread.  After we got home it was late so we had dinner and then I had my pregnancy vitamins, aspirin (75mg – prescribed by Dr to help hopefully prevent pre-eclamsia) more water and a ginger tea.

What I ate Wendesday What I ate Wednesday

Let me know what you think of these posts, whether you like them and whether you want to see more! I’d love to hear what you eat and hopefully we can all inspire each other!

Hope you’re all having a happy and healthy week!

E x

8 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday!”

  • I love this. Keep it coming. How did you make your avocado spring onion cream? That salad sounds totally delish (I adore feta and it causes no problems for me, so happy to eat it)! Glad your pregnancy is going well for you. Stay happy & healthy 🙂

    • Oh I’m so pleased, thank you! :o) It’s slightly different to my usual blogs but I thought it might be fun and hopefully a bit more interactive where we can all inspire each other. I am a huge feta fan too! To make the avocado, spring onion cream I popped 1/2 an avocado in the blender with 2 spring onions (roughly chopped) and about 1/2 a measuring cup almond milk, salt and pepper and blitzed it until smooth and creamy. So simple but so delicious! E x

  • Hi Emma, I have never commented before but I am an avid reader of your brilliant blog! Just wanted to say what a great post this is as my sister is T1D and this is great inspiration for not only her but for everyone out there looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Will, thank you so much for commenting, it’s great to hear that you enjoy my blog. I am so pleased that you think that this post is inspiring and I hope to hear from you again! 🙂 Take care. Emma x

  • Definitely a good idea to share everyday meals and snacks thank you. Like you said I struggle to find quick and easy snacks to eat on the go or things to quickly prepare when in a hurry and very hungry! Glad to hear the pregnancy is going much better now. I had twins and suffered from sickness all day (although not as bad as you) and gestational diabetes. Definitely found the second trimester the best, enjoy xx

    • Thank you so much for commenting, Katrina. I’m so pleased that the response has been so positive so I’ll definitely keep it up. It’s so hard to “get healthy right” when you’re in a hurry, but hopefully this will at least give people a little more inspiration. Wow, twins! That’s amazing, but awful that you suffered with the sickness and gestational diabetes. I do hope that it went straight after the babies were born. Yes, the second trimester is so far, so good. Some bizarre symptoms, like constant sneezing (!!) but all very manageable and enjoyable…. not long until I’m in the third trimester which is crazy! E x

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